Our Team

Hardus Nepgen – Techno Cop
Technician – Gauteng

What I love most about my job is getting to meet new people. Over the five years I have been here, I’ve learnt to work under pressure and my knowledge of electronics has grown. I always try my best. The top three highlights in my career was getting my Advanced driving certificate and completing a Bodyguard and Medical course. I’m working my way up to being Inspector Gadget. On the weekends, I work as a Medic with the South African Police Force. I really should go on more holidays and I am happiest if I can go fishing or have a braaivleis with my mates.

Jamie Bell – Mr Nice Guy
Sales & Technical Manager

Life is all about growing yourself. I enjoy my career and have a very rewarding position because I work for a progressive and supportive company. One of its highlights is being invited to input on the development of products we manufacture and then watching the sales numbers grow as we claim more business from our competitors. My responsibilities mean I get to meet interesting people in places most don’t have access to; this has helped to grow my interpersonal business skills and my confidence. I don’t believe one should ever take anything for granted, especially when it comes to health, wealth and love – maybe that’s why I can be a bit, just a bit, OCD! My other passion is photography. My dream is to one day have an image published on the cover of National Geographic. My motto in life is: ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all’.

Jason Tills – Revved to go

The good things in life don’t come easy. You must work hard for what you want. For me, success is the only option, failure doesn’t come into it. So far, I believe I have progressed well: I finished school, got my first job here at OnGuard and bought my first car. Every day I get to work with new technologies and learn new things. What’s next? My dream would be to race against Vin Diesel in the next The Fast and the Furious movie but until then I like to fill my time participating in sound off competitions and attending car shows. Spending time with my girlfriend, friends and family rank up there with watching The Fast and the Furious movie series!

Darrel Oaker – Family Super Hero
Senior technician

As senior technician for the past eight years I can tell you a lot about how circuits and microchips work in the making and repair of all our machines. I have some pretty awesome soldering skills going on too! My motto in life is ‘get it done’.  I work well within OnGuard’s philosophy for innovation, efficiency and affordability and my job is one of the highlights in my life, topped only by my wife and son. I have learnt how to be a good dad. When my family is happy, I am very happy. If there is one thing I wish I could change in life, it’s the circumstances I grew up in, but every day I work on furthering my skills.  It’s my dream to make lots of money, be the world’s best rally driver … and maybe the next James Bond! On weekends, you will find me enjoying anime, super hero movies and playing Xbox with my son.

Karen Williams – Endeavouring spirit
Debtor’s Clerk

I’ve been part of the company since it opened its doors and I love the close-knit team we have created together. On a personal level, I have broadened my accounting skills here and learnt the importance of perseverance. Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance. I believe that if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. My family is important to me and graduating, meeting my husband and welcoming my son into the world remain my top three high points in life. I am also well-travelled and have crossed the Atlantic three time on a 32-foot yacht visiting over 30 islands on the globe. I would still like to achieve recognition for my sporting abilities and continue to enjoy the outdoors. I particularly like caravanning with my family.

Lizell Breedt – Singer of Life
Sales representative (Jhb)m

I believe that when one door closes, God opens a new one. This is true for my life. Prior to joining the company, I was singing professionally alongside celebrated names. Today, I love meeting new people in new places and developing the skills particular to me. I don’t take life for granted. I am happiest when everything is going according to plan, although living on the Highveld, I do dream about more holidays at the seaside. When I’m not working, I like to relax at home, enjoy a braai and I love watching my ‘soapies’ on TV.

Natasha Cupido – Confident Creator
Technical co-ordinator & Support assistant

I’m training to become the first female president in Africa! Jokes aside, I interact daily with all kinds of people from all over the world; experiencing their efficiency and professionalism has matured me. I take my career seriously and day by day I am more confident in my abilities. My life motto is always do your best until you know better and then when you know better, you will do better! Life teachers, such as Maya Angelou, have helped me to believe in myself and to become more noble minded. As I watch my nieces grow into young ladies, I continue to be humbled and inspired. What I have learnt over the past five years is to forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace. When it’s the weekend, I love to read. My two current favourites are Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novels The Wedding and Dear John.

Tony Cross – Skills for Happiness

Myself, Richard Frost and Peter Koff started the Astute Electronics section of the business in 2002. I still enjoy taking an active role in the company, assembling Astute products and working with a team of involved people who have all contributed to my personal success. Today I believe it to be a bold, dynamic and enterprising group and nothing beats hard work to take us to the next level of success. I think it is important to be appreciative in life. Since coming to South Arica in 1958 I have enjoyed many rich experience with just some of the most memorable moments seeing me getting married and experiencing all the ups and downs of raising four daughters. I love my good health and the life I have enjoyed all these years and I hope to continue living a balanced healthy, lifestyle that includes being out and about caravanning with friends.

Shaney Smitsdorf – Calm and collected
Support assistant

It’s my first year with the company and I love the environment. My colleagues are so amazing that sometimes it doesn’t feel like a job because I look forward to what the next day will bring! The atmosphere in the office helps me to be more patient and confident. It helps that we are all very service orientated here and believe the products we produce are essential for security management in today’s modern environments. I believe we immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking things to change for us. I am proud of the fact that I have graduated in my first year of paralegal studies with the South African Law School but I’m still figuring out how it is going to help me with my secret obsession with handbags and my favourite Narciso Rodriguez perfume.

Lyle Pfiefer  – An Open book
Sales representative / Technician

If you don’t have a plan or goal when you wake up in the morning, I suggest you go back to sleep. I learnt about independence from an early age and it has brought me many rewards such as being able to buy myself a brand-new car. Security management is a very challenging industry but its helped me to work at becoming a better salesman. I believe that all you need to get ahead in life is to focus on being a good person, that means helping others when they are in need and never having an expectation about getting anything back. Working together with my colleagues I find myself in a forward-thinking, secure and loyal environment where I can grow and advance my career. When I’m not working, I like to work with my hands, refurbishing second hand goods and then selling them for a profit. My life is an open book, I have no secrets.

Eugene Gregory – Hot-wired to adrenalin
Field service technician

I’m an adrenalin junkie. The two highlights of my life are when I bungee jumped off the Tsitsikamma Bridge and the birth of my son and not in that order! OnGuard is a vibrant and exciting company to work for and I learn a lot here. I am now more technically skilled and remain fascinated how a PC board can be created for so many different uses. An important lesson I have learnt is that when you don’t know something, you can receive help by simply asking! I’m happiest when I am around my family, or hiking and I’m currently enjoying reading my way through the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of books.

Diane Oaker – Strategic thinker
Senior Office Administrator

I love solving problems. I like to understand how people think. This has helped me to resolve my own fear towards accounting and finances which used to be a weak point of mine. You are never too old to learn and OnGuard is a practical and reassuring environment to grow within. If there is just one thing I could change in life it would be for people to kinder, more understanding and more caring towards each other. I love being a mom and have discovered I also have a talent for baking. What people don’t know about me – I come across as quiet and shy – is that I am a very daring person. I go paragliding, ride the wildest rollercoaster, where crazy outfits in public, I’ve tried shark cage diving, the list goes on… I’m on a journey of self-discovery!

Richard Frost – Authentic leader
Chief Executive Office

As head of the company for 14 years it’s important to me that the OnGuard staff achieve personal growth, contribute through honest engagement and represent the company with a good all-round work ethic. These are the foundations one can carry through life. I started out as a technician in the radio paging industry and grew to own an alarm installation company and later an armed response division. Over time, I have learnt that shortcuts don’t pay off. Most of us don’t like to read the instruction manual and starting out my career that way, I bumped my head many times. I’ve now learnt to read! It has kept me ahead of my game and allows me to see and embrace change. Today, mobile’s rapidly advancing technology is set to impact the market and there will be many new entrants entering the sector armed only with knowledge of android app development and a thirst for the security industry. OnGuard is already making inroads with our “Mobi” version of the brand and leveraging the international market. Innovation excites me. I’m not the typical “boss” that sits back and lets the staff get on with things. I’m am very hands on in the business, interacting daily with all the staff. Success for me is seeing our products and software being used effectively by our market. In both business and my personal life my motto is do unto others as you will have done unto yourself. Today, I am blessed with an expanding business and cherish my wife and family.

Joseph Asia – Lifetime Learner
Technician’s Assistant

I can learn a lot where I am and I see the opportunities I have. I am continuously furthering my development when we visit client sites and my colleagues explain the procedures for connecting the systems. This is a very caring company. I respect my peers, seniors and management. You need to give respect to earn respect and perseverance wins! I am proud of the birth of my last-born son and getting my matric at age 47 years, being able to purchase a house, and accepting Christ as my personal saviour. I aspire to be the greatest role model in our community and it is my personal dream to one day be able to build a home for homeless children. I am a compassionate person and care deeply for children. I work hard for my family and have deep love for my wife and children. When I relax, there is nothing better than enjoying a good roast chicken and vegetable dinner with my family and sitting down to watch a game of soccer.