Web-Based Guard Rostering: Reliable Security Guard Tracking Systems

A guard rostering system is a must for all tour guard companies. This security guard tracking system is designed to help you schedule and assign your patrol units across multiple sites, which makes for a more cost-effective, efficient schedule.

When you have an accurate and efficient guard tour rostering system in place, it will remove the expensive overtime payments as well as prevent the duplication of staff schedules. When you sign up for an OnGuard security guard tracking system, our Guard Rostering is a free add-on. With the system, you will be able to schedule your staff easily across numerous locations without having to download or install new software. This free service is entirely web-based!

You can expect trouble-free online integration when you start using our Guard Rostering system. With this security guard tracking system, you will be able to see all of your guard’s leave records along with their sick leave records, all in one place. This will help you to identify which tour guard shift patterns are going to be the easiest to schedule and you will be able to identify which guard is best suited to which site.

The Guard Rostering system is the most seamless way to organise your guard patrol management system.

With all of the benefits of this system, you will not only be enjoying a more simplified organisation of guard schedules. You will also be able to uncover any irregularities in the amount of overtime worked, you will see which times of the day are non-productive, you will see permissible shift cycles and you will be able to allocate the correct grade of guards to the sites where they will be most effective. You will also have access to follow-up support which will help you to determine the correct wages to be paid to your tour guards come month end.

Efficient shift patterning for crisis situations

When a crisis hits, you find that you don’t have enough guards to efficiently secure a client’s site, you will need your guards to work in some overtime. This will have an impact on your wage allocation and the effect could be a negative one. Instead of having to organise your way through such a crisis, we have another option for you: using our Guard Rostering system to effectively shuffle your guard shifts around to make sure every site has enough guards on duty.

This way you won’t have a crisis with a lack of guards and you also won’t have the opposite problem of having too many guards at one site. With our Guard Rostering, you will be saving all the way!

Cost-effective operational guard tour management

As the Guard Rostering has been designed to completely streamline your security patrol system management, so they no longer have you paying out more for unnecessary overtime or non-productive time, the Guard Rostering system is ideal for all tour guard companies looking to save. This guard tour patrol rostering system is also fantastic with assisting you in the assessment of whether or not you have any excess or spare guards to help in those operation areas needing an extra hand. These extra hands are ideally used when your regular guards are on leave or are sick while they can also stand in when someone is late for work or someone who doesn’t arrive at all!

When you have a sudden need to change your staff’s schedules, the best way to effectively handle the changes is to use our Guard Rostering system. With a click of the button, you can quickly reorganise your guards and carry on with business as usual!

Your overhead costs, relating to your administration, can be drastically reduced when you are using Guard Rostering. We will gather certain information about your company and with that information, you can see where costs can be cut, especially where tasks have been duplicated each month.

To give you an example of how you can save consider this: Perhaps you are already using the OnGuard Time and Attendance service. This means that this system already has the information it needs about your staff, now all you need to do is integrate with the Guard Rostering and start allocating them to the sites they need to be guarding.

When you have our rostering you will instantly enjoy the easier management of your guards. Optimise your profitability by taking full control of your security guard tracking systems and rostering. Contact OnGuard today to find out more about this free feature. Keep in mind that we also offer push to talk devices and reliable clocking systems.

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