Push to Talk: Another Great System available from OnGuard

For an instant, free communication with your patrolling guards, OnGuard’s push to talk feature is a must. This system is designed to replace the costly cell phone calls and SMS’s and it is also designed to bypass those operating systems that are prone to experiencing downtime.

Conventional two-way radio units are no longer a necessity when you have OnGuard’s push to talk technology!

Over the years, push to talk has really enjoyed many advancements and with each new development, push to talk has become an instant communication method that is popular with tour guard patrols services, keeping clients and employees safe. The traditional two-way radio might have been the most popular communication device but with apps integrated with cell phones, the traditional means of push to talk don’t look like they used to!

Explaining Push to Talk Technology

Push to talk technology is designed to provide the means to communicate with another person using two lines of communication, but not at the same time. The best way to give you a visual idea of what push to talk technology is, think of the handheld walkie-talkie. The person holding one of the devices pushes a button to talk to the person holding the matched device. When they release the button, the other person can reply using the same frequency. One of the greatest things about all push to talk devices is that the signal is almost always available.

Two-way systems don’t necessarily mean that you can only talk to one other person. More than two people can be a part of the conversation, which makes this a great system for tour guard patrolling units. As only one person is able to talk at a time, it reduces all background noises, allowing listeners to clearly hear the message being sent through.

The different types of push to talk technology

The walkie-talkie is arguably the most popular type of push to talk technology. But other devices have been developed to integrate the push to talk switch near to a microphone, allowing the person to easily hold their device while talking. There is a wide range of these types of push to talk devices and because they are available in so many shapes and sizes, there is literally one for every industry. Technology has even advanced to the point where the system can be voice activated while other devices have security features which require the user to login using their unique Pin code or another type of password before being able to use the device.

But of all of the advancements in push to talk, it is the cell phone app that is revolutionising the system.

These days, the most effective push to talk technology is the cell phone app. Integrated into mobile devices, the biggest difference between this style of push to talk and other styles of two-way communication is that the cell phone relies on a cellular service network while your walkie-talkie uses radio frequencies.

With cell phone signal, the distance over which people can communicate using the push to talk app is widened.

Using an app for two-way communication is again more efficient as not only is it integrated into a device that is already owned by just about everyone, but it also removes the costly expenses involved with having to make a call to say one or two words. The OnGuard push to talk app can be downloaded to all Android phones and will instantly turn the phone into a two-way talking system. The app is a very capable two-way radio and with the reduced communication costs, it’s a must for all guard patrol management systems.

OnGuard’s two-way app will keep guards in touch with one another as well as the control room. This ensures that both the guards on duty as well as the sites they are patrolling are kept safe. They can instantly radio for help should something go wrong. Your tour guard is incomplete without a reliable and flexible two-way radio system.

Designed to assist and improve your patrol management, the OnGuard smartphone app will certainly be beneficial to your company. The app gives you free messaging for tour guard units, free time and attendance registers and free phone tracking (be aware that terms and conditions apply). With phone tracking, your supervisors will receive alerts from the guard patrol which will allow you to set up geofences, replay tours and set speed limits.

Equip your guards with the most up to date push to talk technology by contacting OnGuard and getting our app. We also offer clocking systems and Guard Rostering.

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