Time and Attendance Clocking Systems for Effective Data Collection

Employee costs are the largest component of a company’s security budget. Tracking the times your patrol guard’s clock on and off duty is of the utmost importance for calculating wages. With the right clocking systems in place, your budget can be cut and you can have peace of mind knowing that your guard patrol system is being properly monitored.

OnGuard’s clocking systems are being used by numerous tour guard companies.

When you invest in an OnGuard guard tour patrol system, the Time and Attendance feature is integrated into the system. This clocking system assimilates into the Guard Rostering and Stay Awake features of the guard tour patrol system, making it a fully functional and highly effective part of any guard patrol. With this system, the control room web monitoring and attendance verification functions will accurately produce time sheets.

To use this Time and Attendance feature, you will need to give each guard a BLUE iButton. This is what the guard will use to tag the control unit when his shift begins. On his screen, the words “Clocking IN”, will be displayed. Should there be a day when the guard forgets to bring his tag, there is an alternative clocking method. A forgotten tag won’t disrupt the clocking system, as the control room interface can be used to clock the guard in should need be.

And there is a similar system in place if at the end of a shift a guard should forget to clock out. The control room interface will send out a warning to the controllers that the guard tour site is overstaffed, and the guard can then be clocked out.

These safety net features are fantastic for eliminating human error!

Everything is done via a computer, which removes the unnecessary amounts of paperwork that can often be associated with clocking systems. The control room web monitoring and attendance verification will produce all of the timesheets needed to work out salaries and as these sheets are produced using data from the clocking systems, and not data put in by guards or supervisors, the timesheets will be highly accurate. Timesheets are drawn by the guards logging into their administrative profile.

What about buddy clocking?

By using the free OnGuard Time and Attendance function your control room can ensure that sites are correctly manned, eliminating the risks of buddy clocking.

OnGuard does not permit the same guard to work on two sites simultaneously. To earn his salary, each guard needs to work his own shifts. If he gives his tag to his buddy, his buddy will be paid for his shift. This prevents any opportunity for buddy clocking between staff.

When an employee starts work, he simply enters his PIN on the phone and he will have to take a snapshot of his face. The photo and the time is immediately uploaded to the OnGuard server. This removes the possibility of guards trying to cheat the system.

What if the OnGuard system is offline when the guard clocks in? 

Since all of the clocking systems rely heavily on computerised systems, there is always the question of what should happen if the system is offline. Well, we have you covered! Should the system be offline, for whatever reason, the data collected from the security patrol system will be stored locally until the signal from the Global System for Mobile Communication is restored.

Guards will not be able to tamper with the locally stored data, just as they are not able to change any other data

Phone-based Time and Attendance clocking

We understand that not all sites have an OnGuard patrol monitoring system in place. In those sites without a security guard tracking system, we offer mobile phone based clocking systems to track time and attendance. Our app will work perfectly on any phone with an Android operating system but the phone will need to have a forward-facing camera.

When your guard comes on duty, he will need to enter his unique PIN code into his phone and then take a photo of his face. The time which he clocked in as well as the photo will be uploaded to the OnGuard server.

With the OnGuard clocking systems, you will be making your guard monitoring system more effective by eliminating the stress of paperwork and admin. Get in touch with OnGuard today to find out more. We also offer Web Based Guard Rostering systems, Push to Talk devices and GPS tracking.